My name is Aurora Steen. I'm a 26 year old girl from Oslo, Norway. I'm a self though foodie and started this blog to share my joy for cooking honest, healthy and tasty food. I've always had fun in the kitchen, but my real journey started when I was diagnosed with CFS in January 2014. Not only did I have to put my life on hold, I had to change my diet completely. I loved food to much to make it boring, so I started experimenting with my new plant-based, whole food diet, and the result you find here on the blog.

All my recipes are vegetarian (many of them vegan), gluten free, yeast free, cow milk free and refined sugar free. Because I try to eat as alkalizing as possible I try to stay away from all sweeteners (except stevia). However, my sweet tooth is to big, and lets face it, once in a while you just need some cake!

I'm a graphic designer and my language is more visual than written. When I started The Indie broccoli it felt very natural to bring this part of me into the blog. I came up with the idea to illustrate my recipes and aim to make them as intuitive as possible. Check out some of my work her. If you like my style and want to work with me, don't hesitate to make contact!

I hope you will enjoy this project reflecting my visual language, but most importantly my favorite recipes!

xx Aurora